The C. Leon' PROJECT

The Vibes



                                             First single  " LOVE NO MORE " debuts

                                             SPRING 2015


Collaborating projects with Michael "MH The Model" Henry and my very own C Leon Vibes names.

A lot of my instrumental compositions will be under the tutelage, or direct workings of nationally renowned composers!


I've now written 47 songs and will be posting "samples" of them as I get them copywritten in the very near future... So..


A whole CD project is also under works.

I am also a ghostwriter for hire. I have the gift of being able to write any genre of music and my experiences in this life make the lyrics more appealing to any demographic.

And don't worry [all my poetic critics], the tunes are a lot more... "lyrically listener friendly" than some of  the poetry you may consider verbally and socially 'couth' by some of its context.  However if I run into a song that requires certain phrases or verbage to express the monotany or complexity of a situation, be it love or negative passion, it will in no way be "mopped up" for you. Thats the reason God blessed technology with the "Skip/ FF" button on your iPod or CD player.

.... But I still love ya!!! HA!