The C. Leon' PROJECT

The Seed

I was raised in Columbus, Ohio. I am the 4th oldest of 8 and am adopted. African American and Cubano decent. I was a VERY scrawny little nerd all through school, but also an athlete and gifted musician. Played football, track, wrestled and ran cross country. I try my best to be as ecclectic as possible, because you never know what situations you'll encounter in this world. Although there's nothing new under the sun, each event we go through in life is never exactly as someone else experienced it: from love to learning, from heartache to joy, there will always be a unique factor that seperates us in how we come out of an experience. 

I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia (after quite a few years in Dallas, Texas) where you can find me working hard and trying to help other people everywhere I go.

I have honestly been thru so much in my life that I forget SO much of my past; which isnt necessarily a bad thing. But for those who don't know me, heres a few things about me:

I've now been in 5 relationships, but only in love twice.

I was once engaged, but not to who I loved.

I am too nice and typically  get burned by people I date or try to help. But I keep trying. Even though I know I cant help everyone or please everybody.

I attended 5 high schools growing up, and 4 colleges .

I've never met my biological family.

I like to cook, but can forget stuff is on the stove in a hurry.

My favorite food is... CEREAL!!!

I found a snake in my bathtub, ran out and he was gone when i came back the next day. [in Jersey]

I owned 4 cars in Texas and two were stolen!

I'm scared to just walk up to pretty women and talk, so I play it off with business conversation.

I lost a business in 09 and went completely bankrupt, and was homeless for 3 1/2 months cause my partner stole my money.

I've always been someone that hides how I feel to make sure others are happy and have what they need; even if I have none of what i do.

I H-A-T-E being around any kind of smoke/ smokers!!!

When I die I wanna be flat BROKE cause I gave it all away to people who need it and will do good by the gifts.

Ain't nothin I like more than wakin up with a new song in my head...

Ain't nothin like fightin for whats right...

Ain't nothin like Gods' love. <-- PERIOD!

I'm a "sucker" for a woman crying.

So... you may be wondering WHY I'm sharing so much of myself.... Well... I belive that if I share a lot of or ALL of me... you might decide to invest some of you into my life... my story... my craft.