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Posted by Curtis Drafton on October 12, 2011 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm just sitting down here in the library thinking....

I've... come.... a.... mighty.... long...way.

Theres NO way possible anyone can tell me that I did this on my own. ONLY by the grace of God am I in Georgia and doing well.


The irony to that is that: I'm not working anywhere, and havent in 3 months. But I'm smiling. I'm bnot in school due to lack of funds. But i'm smiling.

I sit back now and think..... just 2 years ago i was homeless after a catastrophic incident which caused me to lose all possessions and friends after losing my company.


God is SO amazing....

I continue to smile because there's a lot I can see on the horizon.

David and Goliath

Posted by Curtis Drafton on June 5, 2010 at 11:04 PM Comments comments (0)

My landlords name is David Ormsby.


He moved to the U.S. in 1996 with just two bags in his hand. He had recently lost alot...almost everything in his hometown: the island of Jamaica and was homeless for over 3 months. Sleeping on the streets.

He moved to NY originally but received a job invite at Paul Quinn A.M.E. College: coincidence that I originally went there in 2006 pursuing my bachelors? Lol!


Dave then lost a lot of assests to people doing him wrong, but kept pursuing his goal of becoming an Accountant and kept being faithful.

He kept asking God the whole time: "God I keep being faithful, but nothing seems to be panning out... What  have I done to deserve always losing out?"  Sound familiar??

He said he turned to walk down the street and an old woman needed help, but EVERYONE else was just walking by as if she didnt exist. So keeping his morales in line, he put a smile on his face and assisted her. Once finished he smiled and told her to have a good day. She stopped him and said "your blessing is coming...just know that".

He says at that moment he heard a voice from heaven tell him: " Its okay... your time is coming".


To this day he has NOT looked back. He keeps trusting God. And though EVERYTHING hasnt been revealed or presented to him, he keeps his faith. God has blessed him with his Accounting Degree and a small business as well as 3 properties!


Keep the faith Dave and everyone else.... cause as Dave knows and the old folks used to say: He may not come when you want Him, but....."


Yeah, you know the rest! ;)


Regrets to live for

Posted by Curtis Drafton on April 15, 2010 at 2:23 PM Comments comments (0)

We all have them...


For me I regret few things in life because I typically think things out before I make statements or actions.

But I do regret:






Thinking about

and Believing....


Those acts and feelings can be tied to SO many places, people and times that I dare not go into too much detail. I just know that with me being a man so early in life, it hurts to think that so much pain has come with just wanting the simplicities. And for people to take advantage of someone...ANYone that just wants and displays 'peace'.... shameful.

I even regret meeting certain people here in Atlanta so far....



I thank God.

Now I look foward to:


Loving again

Trusting wholeheartedly

Giving my all

Receiving someones love and trust

Thinking about my future

and Believing that God will work it out for me.


He always does. And He's brought me too far, for me to turn back, or become bitter and hateful now.


I love every evil thought towards me and every sarcastic and backstabbing smile.

It lets me know that I'm His child just that much more and that I'm in His favor. And though I don't always understand it and honestly don't like it: it's His will for my life. Heck, if it were up to me I'd have thrown in the towel YEARS ago on believing in His promises. But.... He keeps giving me little reasons to stick around. And those little reasons are the 'daily breads' I need to survive a little while longer. And being a simple man, a little is all I need.



Here's to regrets!!! My REasons to be GREaTful!


Thats Life

Posted by Curtis Drafton on April 9, 2010 at 3:21 PM Comments comments (0)

It's funny...

Just two years ago I was still learning my way out of college.

Great job/ internship. Good friends. Decent social life. Moving forward...


I've now been in Atlanta for exactly one month. For those who know my story [summed up in a previous blog], I had a horrible year in 09'.

Well...wouldnt you know it: The devil done followed me down here!!! LOL! So...why am I laughing?? We'll get to that.



I moved here for a job. I lost my salary and apartment in June, company and girlfriend in September,  and most of my friends in between 5 months of last year. I applied to 162 regular jobs in Dallas and Fort Worth corporations and only had 3 interviews: two of which told me I was over-qualified. The 3rd just plain didnt call back.


So... after speaking with a fellow church member, I applied for a position with a solid corporation and got the job in Atlanta in less than 3 days.


Well... now that company [like my last] is telling me I wont be paid for the work I've done, unless I assume more under my work title to help them. My phone bill is due Sunday, and my rent will soon be behind. SO...why do I laugh??

Because man... [and women], God is still good. Yeah... I statrted to yell at any and all in my way yesterday before walking out of our office building. Even had GRAND thoughts of putting my fist thru someone in my OLD Curtis mentality...but... I'm Gods' kid now. The NEW Curtis calmed himself down... took a breath, told them they were wrong, but I'm cool. God bless. Walked out.. EVEN I"M STILL AMAZED!!! Lol


So... I woke up today. READY to job hunt! Had on my generic black slacks and polo and my small Bible in my portfolio case. And, and and... AND: Wouldnt you know it: a blessing of people I networked with in the FEW weeks I been here called me up and offered me a Marketing and Events Coordinator position in their company, not knowing I had left the other one the day before! And we sit down Monday to discuss the fine details!


ummm...SOMEBODY say his name for me again??? J-E-S-U-S!!!

And I have a few good people in my life who I can feel will be beneficial to my spiritual growth and social life. I can SEE the love in them! So... Thank you MY Elaina and Heaven: your relationships with each other and God are SO inspirational!  Azizi, Howard, Kelvin and Big Chris. We talk about God daily and I love all of you. Here ANYTIME you need me!


I even have a new church home [though my heart will always partially be in Dallas at New Mt. Zion], and I'm a new member of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church! I'm sure God has a plan for me here and will soon have ya boy in a ministry testifying and learning how to help others! YEAH! Lol! matter what y'all...keep prayin and ya heads up. And I'll keep applying my own advice to my life as well. Let's keep building each other up~


Love and Gods Blessings~~

Mr. Tatum

Posted by Curtis Drafton on March 4, 2010 at 12:12 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I met man here in Atlanta at the Martin Luther King Jr. library named Mr. Tatum. He's originally from Houston, Texas and he'll be 60 yrs old next year.


Mr Tatum has a great personality and outlook on life. Very  modest and he trusts God for ALL that he needs. He gave me Very sound advise and only wants the best for the next generation. He told me that he loves to see young people out and looking for opportunity rather than handouts. Very modest and serene. Content with the fact that when he passes on from this life he will be going home to God, and would have done all he was asked to in this world.


Mr. Tatum is homeless. He was on the side of the library sleep, and when I walked by he woke up and I asked had he eaten today. He said "oh yeah! Just had a bag of chips and a bologna sandwich...God will provide!" Man...I nearly broke down right there. Thinking back that just last year I had come to the same realization on a more profound basis in my own life since I lost everything.

So I looked at this man, Mr. Tatum and I askeed him wheres the nearest restaurant, and he said midtown, about 10 minutes away. So I hustle to my car and go grab him a bite to eat, and come back and he jumps RIGHT BACK into giving me sound advise and telling me his story. He had been doing property maintenance for 43 YEARS when the recession hit. Then the jobs slacked off, and on top of that he lost his trucks and tools. [He's very articulate and precise when he speaks too]. So we get to talking and needless to say, we both give God thanks for our HOPEFUL continual encounters, and are now at seperate computers here in the library. He's typing away the best he can looking for jobs online and typing his resume`.


I will never forget Mr. Tatum.

God bless...

Monday February 22nd

Posted by Curtis Drafton on February 26, 2010 at 1:12 PM Comments comments (0)

I've had just an awesome week with God. Monday we had Young Adults ministry and they showed me so much love that I was brought to tears man. To my FAMILY: thank you... I was and am deeply humbled. Keep letting God use you. I'm sure that I'll be HOME again soon so we can hang out and I'll always have you in my heart and prayers.


Much Love~~

God Blessed Me...Again [Feb 19-21]

Posted by Curtis Drafton on February 22, 2010 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (0)

I had an absolutely AMAZING and BLESSED weekend. Friday we honored our Senior Saints at church with a dinner and game night that went PERFECTLY! It's amazing that two generations can have so much in common. God bless them for blessing us and schooling us in the 'simpler things in life' ~


Sunday was a bit of a moment of clarity for me. Starting with Reverend Penermon preaching at the A.M. service on Being Ambassadors for Christ: showing that it's not what we say, but what we do that make people recognize our walk with Christ. I am so glad to have people tell me time to time that they see God in me.

Then at the main service our sanctuary choir sung a song that [paraphrased] said "I've been through too much, not to worship Him". All I can say is the words to that song...

You know... Sometime in life, every man and woman will realize that EVERY thing I try to do is failing. And when we look at the main thing missing, often times its that we dont have a connection with God. That doesnt mean "going to church", even though God loves to see us gather together, and actually asks us to in the Bibvle, so his appointed can preach and teach to us: it's moreso about our believing in Him and accepting who He TRULY is in our lives. There's absolutely NOTHING we can do without Him.

My testimony is this:

Just last year i lost absolutely everything that someone could possess. First I lost my car right before the new year. Then I lost my company/ job, my apartment, then my girlfriend and then alot of other friends. I was actually homeless man. No lie.

But I wont sit here and say that I was living some diobolical, just evil lifestyle, but my life could've been tuned up a little better in certain areas. And I realized that was what it was. That you can't have God in only 'parts' of ya life, you gotta give Him access to all. Yes: GIVE Him access to all. He gave us free-will to live the life we chose, and the freedom to accept whats right. He doesn't "force Himself" on or into anyone. All we've got to do is at some point tell Him: "God... I messed up and I'm sorry. I accept you as my God and wanna do better". Thats it!


So... Sunday, that song really touched me man. More than anyone could ever know, even though some may be able to relate.


Gods cool y'all. You should give him a try. He worked and IS working for me, and I know He'll do the same in and for you. And even if this music thing, or the poetry or any other business venture i find myself ever in NEVER work, "He ain't got ta do nothin' else for me, cause He's already done enough".


Peace & Love~

Moving to Atlanta~

Posted by Curtis Drafton on February 16, 2010 at 1:18 PM Comments comments (0)

Well... in 2 weeks I'll be moving to Atlanta. *studio audience: "Awwwww..."* LOL~ Anyways, I just believe that Gods' got more for me there. My few years in Texas taught me alot and I'm a MUCH better man for it. I loved THEE most beautiful woman I've ever know, and she is the reason I'm so in touch with God now. Also my prayer life has NEVER been this in tact. So LOVE shout outs to my new best friend Ms. Britney. I think other than a few scattered collegiate friends and fellow athletes, the only thing I'll miss more than anything is my church home. And if anyone readin this is lookin for a EXCELLENT place full of caring, compassionate and EMPATHETIC people, filled with REAL love, by all means check out New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 9550 Shepeherd RD, Dallas, TX 75243. *Yeah... VERY shameless plug!* LOL~ But none-the-less, I know God is using my pastor, Dr. R.E. Price, to do His work. So... LOVE YA TEXAS PEEPS!!!