The C. Leon' PROJECT

Hey family

First off I'm Gods child.

Though everything I write or perform won't always be what some "expect" with a Christian man, I will ALWAYS know who brought me to this point in my life. Each platform I'm on is a new way to reach people. And the "gifts" and talents He gave me are my ways to do more with myself to express and at the same time attract people to my walk. These are the talents He gave me and I'm going to use them.

You can read a lot of my testimony's under my 'Blog and Thoughts' section.


On to my project~

I am a singer/ songwriter, a poet and an actor. As well, I've now also completed 2 voice overs for radio. I'm also a part time personal trainer and future CEO of a major sporting venue in Georgia.

In my music, i'm a little bit of Neo~Soul, with a lot of R&B. Influenced by Jazz and kissed with Gospel. Since you "can't please all of the people all of the time", I thought I'd please most of the people SOME of the time. 

I speak my mind the way that I think, and have no regrets being me.

God bless and thanks SO much for takin' time out to check out my world...

C. Leon`

*guess this is the part where I give the "Reader Discretion is advised" disclaimer! 

The reason I put "PROJECT" in the title page is because: it's been a long, tedious road for this whole thing to come to fruition. Moreso with God working on me, than me working on the music/ poetry/ etc. I'll leave project up there, at least for now, because He is not through with me yet, so please show patience. Also I'm not, nor do I plan on being through with what I do anytime soon. So God willing, I'll see you all from this platform for years to come.

Love you all....


                                                       SPECIAL LOVE TO...

My military brother & sisters, my 'adopted family' around this country and most especially to those continuing the fight to make their own neighborhoods a better place; thus influencing change to this messed up world.


Another great poet: MY sister, my friend my spiritual God send - Mrs. Ebony King

She is inspiring, blessed and on a mission! 

-click on picture to go to her up and coming site, and to experience her talent!- 


This is a cause I am seeking to get funded for so I can go out and encourage Christian believers to be strong in the world:
My little brother Sam! Plays a GREAT sax~ Click on the link to go to his Facebook. page!!!