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Posted by Curtis Drafton on April 9, 2010 at 3:21 PM

It's funny...

Just two years ago I was still learning my way out of college.

Great job/ internship. Good friends. Decent social life. Moving forward...


I've now been in Atlanta for exactly one month. For those who know my story [summed up in a previous blog], I had a horrible year in 09'.

Well...wouldnt you know it: The devil done followed me down here!!! LOL! So...why am I laughing?? We'll get to that.



I moved here for a job. I lost my salary and apartment in June, company and girlfriend in September,  and most of my friends in between 5 months of last year. I applied to 162 regular jobs in Dallas and Fort Worth corporations and only had 3 interviews: two of which told me I was over-qualified. The 3rd just plain didnt call back.


So... after speaking with a fellow church member, I applied for a position with a solid corporation and got the job in Atlanta in less than 3 days.


Well... now that company [like my last] is telling me I wont be paid for the work I've done, unless I assume more under my work title to help them. My phone bill is due Sunday, and my rent will soon be behind. SO...why do I laugh??

Because man... [and women], God is still good. Yeah... I statrted to yell at any and all in my way yesterday before walking out of our office building. Even had GRAND thoughts of putting my fist thru someone in my OLD Curtis mentality...but... I'm Gods' kid now. The NEW Curtis calmed himself down... took a breath, told them they were wrong, but I'm cool. God bless. Walked out.. EVEN I"M STILL AMAZED!!! Lol


So... I woke up today. READY to job hunt! Had on my generic black slacks and polo and my small Bible in my portfolio case. And, and and... AND: Wouldnt you know it: a blessing of people I networked with in the FEW weeks I been here called me up and offered me a Marketing and Events Coordinator position in their company, not knowing I had left the other one the day before! And we sit down Monday to discuss the fine details!


ummm...SOMEBODY say his name for me again??? J-E-S-U-S!!!

And I have a few good people in my life who I can feel will be beneficial to my spiritual growth and social life. I can SEE the love in them! So... Thank you MY Elaina and Heaven: your relationships with each other and God are SO inspirational!  Azizi, Howard, Kelvin and Big Chris. We talk about God daily and I love all of you. Here ANYTIME you need me!


I even have a new church home [though my heart will always partially be in Dallas at New Mt. Zion], and I'm a new member of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church! I'm sure God has a plan for me here and will soon have ya boy in a ministry testifying and learning how to help others! YEAH! Lol! matter what y'all...keep prayin and ya heads up. And I'll keep applying my own advice to my life as well. Let's keep building each other up~


Love and Gods Blessings~~

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