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Mr. Tatum

Posted by Curtis Drafton on March 4, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Today I met man here in Atlanta at the Martin Luther King Jr. library named Mr. Tatum. He's originally from Houston, Texas and he'll be 60 yrs old next year.


Mr Tatum has a great personality and outlook on life. Very  modest and he trusts God for ALL that he needs. He gave me Very sound advise and only wants the best for the next generation. He told me that he loves to see young people out and looking for opportunity rather than handouts. Very modest and serene. Content with the fact that when he passes on from this life he will be going home to God, and would have done all he was asked to in this world.


Mr. Tatum is homeless. He was on the side of the library sleep, and when I walked by he woke up and I asked had he eaten today. He said "oh yeah! Just had a bag of chips and a bologna sandwich...God will provide!" Man...I nearly broke down right there. Thinking back that just last year I had come to the same realization on a more profound basis in my own life since I lost everything.

So I looked at this man, Mr. Tatum and I askeed him wheres the nearest restaurant, and he said midtown, about 10 minutes away. So I hustle to my car and go grab him a bite to eat, and come back and he jumps RIGHT BACK into giving me sound advise and telling me his story. He had been doing property maintenance for 43 YEARS when the recession hit. Then the jobs slacked off, and on top of that he lost his trucks and tools. [He's very articulate and precise when he speaks too]. So we get to talking and needless to say, we both give God thanks for our HOPEFUL continual encounters, and are now at seperate computers here in the library. He's typing away the best he can looking for jobs online and typing his resume`.


I will never forget Mr. Tatum.

God bless...

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