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Regrets to live for

Posted by Curtis Drafton on April 15, 2010 at 2:23 PM

We all have them...


For me I regret few things in life because I typically think things out before I make statements or actions.

But I do regret:






Thinking about

and Believing....


Those acts and feelings can be tied to SO many places, people and times that I dare not go into too much detail. I just know that with me being a man so early in life, it hurts to think that so much pain has come with just wanting the simplicities. And for people to take advantage of someone...ANYone that just wants and displays 'peace'.... shameful.

I even regret meeting certain people here in Atlanta so far....



I thank God.

Now I look foward to:


Loving again

Trusting wholeheartedly

Giving my all

Receiving someones love and trust

Thinking about my future

and Believing that God will work it out for me.


He always does. And He's brought me too far, for me to turn back, or become bitter and hateful now.


I love every evil thought towards me and every sarcastic and backstabbing smile.

It lets me know that I'm His child just that much more and that I'm in His favor. And though I don't always understand it and honestly don't like it: it's His will for my life. Heck, if it were up to me I'd have thrown in the towel YEARS ago on believing in His promises. But.... He keeps giving me little reasons to stick around. And those little reasons are the 'daily breads' I need to survive a little while longer. And being a simple man, a little is all I need.



Here's to regrets!!! My REasons to be GREaTful!


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