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God Blessed Me...Again [Feb 19-21]

Posted by Curtis Drafton on February 22, 2010 at 11:57 AM

I had an absolutely AMAZING and BLESSED weekend. Friday we honored our Senior Saints at church with a dinner and game night that went PERFECTLY! It's amazing that two generations can have so much in common. God bless them for blessing us and schooling us in the 'simpler things in life' ~


Sunday was a bit of a moment of clarity for me. Starting with Reverend Penermon preaching at the A.M. service on Being Ambassadors for Christ: showing that it's not what we say, but what we do that make people recognize our walk with Christ. I am so glad to have people tell me time to time that they see God in me.

Then at the main service our sanctuary choir sung a song that [paraphrased] said "I've been through too much, not to worship Him". All I can say is the words to that song...

You know... Sometime in life, every man and woman will realize that EVERY thing I try to do is failing. And when we look at the main thing missing, often times its that we dont have a connection with God. That doesnt mean "going to church", even though God loves to see us gather together, and actually asks us to in the Bibvle, so his appointed can preach and teach to us: it's moreso about our believing in Him and accepting who He TRULY is in our lives. There's absolutely NOTHING we can do without Him.

My testimony is this:

Just last year i lost absolutely everything that someone could possess. First I lost my car right before the new year. Then I lost my company/ job, my apartment, then my girlfriend and then alot of other friends. I was actually homeless man. No lie.

But I wont sit here and say that I was living some diobolical, just evil lifestyle, but my life could've been tuned up a little better in certain areas. And I realized that was what it was. That you can't have God in only 'parts' of ya life, you gotta give Him access to all. Yes: GIVE Him access to all. He gave us free-will to live the life we chose, and the freedom to accept whats right. He doesn't "force Himself" on or into anyone. All we've got to do is at some point tell Him: "God... I messed up and I'm sorry. I accept you as my God and wanna do better". Thats it!


So... Sunday, that song really touched me man. More than anyone could ever know, even though some may be able to relate.


Gods cool y'all. You should give him a try. He worked and IS working for me, and I know He'll do the same in and for you. And even if this music thing, or the poetry or any other business venture i find myself ever in NEVER work, "He ain't got ta do nothin' else for me, cause He's already done enough".


Peace & Love~

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